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WITHOUT having to learn hundreds of scales!

"Targeting has really zeroed in on some very essential aspects of improvisation for the Jazz and commercial player. Perfect for those new to the art or advancing players-check it out!"

Al Hood

Jazz/Solo Artist and University of Denver Trumpet Professor

How to improvise WITHOUT having to learn hundreds of scales

Whether you're just starting out in Jazz improvisation or looking to add an extra tool or two to your current arsenal-this is for you!

Creatively Target

Find out why aiming at specific notes helps guide your improvisations

Demystify the Process

Have other methods left you feeling confused or not sure how to start? Targeting can help set you on an effective path!

Today Is the Day

Start using Targeting today and see a difference in your improvisation in a shorter amount of time

More Meaningful Solos

Use proven ideas to help build meaningful solos

Add New Tools

Find some new tools to use to build your improvisations just like the greats

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"I am quite impressed with this book, such a crucial technique for Jazz. Students deserve a thorough and complete book like this one."

David Valdez

Jazz Sax and Blogger at Casa Valdez Studios-Portland, OR

"It's given me a different and fresh outlook on how to improvise and walk bass lines."

Corbin Jones

Freelance Bassist & Sousaphone -

Los Angeles, CA

"I've been using the book for a while and I'm starting to see some great results on the new licks I am adding to my library-targeting works!"

Jim Manley

Trumpet Artist -

St. Louis, MO

"I enjoyed reading your book! Some very nice stuff."

Joe Magnarelli

Jazz Trumpet Artist -

Brooklyn, NY

Jason Klobnak is a versatile trumpet player that has been performing as an active musician, author, clinician, composer and educator. His bands, J's Ruckus and the Jason Klobnak Quintet/Quartet (JKQ) are made up of high-caliber musicians known for their professionalism and versatility. Both perform infectious originals with a B3 organ centered rhythm section; they blend hard bop, soul, gospel, and hip-hop to create a memorable live experience.

Besides the JKQ, Mr. Klobnak is a B.A.C. (Best American Craftsman-custom trumpet), Denis Wick (mouthpiece and mutes) and Westone Audio endorsed artist (ES20 and Tru Customs). Mr. Klobnak has played and recorded for numerous groups ranging from jazz, soul/R&B, indie-rock/pop and gospel. In addition to performing, he has also written two improvisation-based books called Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose and Breaking the Monotony and is currently an adjunct professor and brass instructor at Arapahoe Community College. Mr. Klobnak holds a bachelor degree from Drake University (Des Moines, IA) and a Master’s degree from the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music (Denver, CO).

You can also take lessons with Jason. Get more information by CLICKING HERE.

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