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Jazz targeting lessons focuses on what you need to work on the most. You will not find a one-size-fits-all or templated approach to these lessons. We will flip over any pieces of your puzzle that might be hazy and help you demystify the improvisation process so you can build more meaningful solos.

Jazz Targeting Lessons

Pick Targets for Your Songs

We will pick out targets together for whatever songs you are learning or working on 

Demystify the Process

Have other methods left you feeling confused or not sure where to start? We will talk about the process form beginning to end and I will help answer any questions you might have 

More Meaningful Solos

Use proven ideas to help build meaningful solos 

In-Person OR online

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Scott Hult

Nashville, TN

Tim Jones

Denver, CO

Noah Meseck

Denver, CO

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Jazz Targeting Lessons
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